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Content Architecture

Helping clients to understand the requirements and semantics of their mark-up. Finding and extending existing data models, if suitable for existing content; designing new data models if not. Advice and implementation of technical solutions including advice on schemas and DTDs. Consideration of metadata, linking and findability.


Analysing existing workflows, identifying improvements to quality, cost, and publication times through the use of XML technologies.

Quality Control

Ensuring quality for XML according to specific business requirements, as well as implementation of validation and unit tests for XML processes and scripting.



Converting content from one format to another, whether it be from SGML to HTML or .docx to XML – we can help! Updating legacy data. Removing sensitive, inappropriate, or unnecessary data in preparation for data delivery. Creating other media formats (PDF, web, eBooks). Re-usable pipelines and components.

XML/NoSQL Databases

Querying and returning data from XML databases, such as eXist and MarkLogic. Creation and troubleshooting of XQuery applications and REST interfaces directly from XML data sources.

Quality Assurance

Services bespoke codification of business rules using Schematron validation. Quick fixes for XML authoring and quality tools or implementation of larger scale applications.


Coding best practice advice on design patterns and unit testing for XSLT and XQuery.


We believe the devil is in the detail, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is simply second nature to us. We offer a complete solution for all your printed marketing communications, be it elegant packaging, direct mailers, Video brochure, WEBKEY or USB.

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