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Perfect for events, direct mail campaigns, surveys and new product promotions: The WEBKEY directs your client seamlessly to the webpage where you want them to go. Similar to an autorun but without the risk of it not working, the WEBKEY works by using specific software which manually types the web address into a browser before taking the user straight to the landing page.
Light-weight, cost-effective and customised – the choices are vast. Choose from business card size for direct mail campaigns or combine an A4 version into your next brochure. Supercharge your marketing campaigns with a WEBKEY. Results have shown typical response rates of between 10 – 24%.

We Offer

Minimum run of 500 units. Printed on 350gsm board – with Matt or Gloss Laminate for a rigid, quality feel. Each WEBKEY is bespoke and created to encompass your design and brand, a bespoke cutter is included in each quote.
Each key is loaded with a URL – directing the user where you want them to go. Please see the following link for information on how you can track the success of your campaign.
To compliment your WEBKEY project we can offer a direct mail and fulfilment service. Simple supply the names and addresses – we will do the rest. Just sit back and wait for the new enquiries.


(* NOTE: No worries about the 192-character limit, by the URL length requirement from webkey chip by Bonpal Technology company. Use free but very powerful URL shortener service like Goo.gl or Bit.ly to handle it.)

UTM Parameters

UTM parameters or Urchin Traffic Monitor parameters (UTM) are URL parameters used by marketers to track audiences. The parameters enable marketers to analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media.
By adding UTM parameters to URLs, web analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics) reports show which domain source and which campaign name is referring traffic to a website. When a person clicks a link that contains a URL with UTM parameters, the web analytics software of the destination website interprets the parameter information and attributes it to the person’s website session.

There are five different UTM parameters, which may be used in any order:

1. The “utm_source” parameter (required) identifies which site sent the traffic and is a required parameter. Example: utm_source=offline

2. The “utm_medium” parameter (required) identifies what type of link was used, such as cost per click or email. Example: utm_medium=webkey

3. The “utm_campaign” parameter (required) identifies a specific product promotion or strategic campaign. Example: utm_campaign=new_product_launch

4. The “utm_term” parameter (optional) identifies search terms. Example: utm_term=webkey+campaign

5. The “utm_content” parameter (optional) identifies what specifically was clicked to bring the user to the site, such as a banner ad or a text link. It is used for A/B testing and content-targeted ads.
Examples: utm_content=logolink or utm_content=textlink


Want to form such customized links? Visit simple guide page from Google’s Campaign URL Builder or read below articles for details.

What Is a UTM Code?
UTM parameters – Wikipedia
The Beginner’s Guide to URL Shorteners
Custom campaigns – Google Analytics Help
Campaign URL Builder – Google Analytics Demos & Tools

Once you add the UTM code to your campaign’s URL, you can track the performance in Google Analytics in a few different reports.
Create a custom report under “Customization” > “Custom Reports”. Add Medium, Campaign, or Source as a dimension and the metrics you want to view.
Go to Acquisition -> Overview -> All Traffic -> Source/Medium to view traffic
Go to Acquisition -> Campaigns -> All Campaigns to view traffic based on your custom campaign names


We believe the devil is in the detail, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is simply second nature to us. We offer a complete solution for all your printed marketing communications, be it elegant packaging, direct mailers, Video brochure, WEBKEY or USB.

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